Random Pet Facts

I (as you can already tell) like all animals (except for few). I had three birdies and multiple goldfishes in my life. Today, I dedicate the blog to random facts of domesticated animals (cats, dogs, birds, ferrets etc). Maybe there are some behaviors that your pet does that you didn’t know until you read this post. So here we go

I always wanted a dog. I will some day when I have 1) time 2) money 3) space to have a dog. I also want a dog treadmill if I own a dog. I can’t walk a pup in the dead cold winter… So perhaps I should move to somewhere warm first.


  • More than 5 million puppies are born in the United States each year. (So. Many. Dogs. And so many dogs that will be looking for home)
  • Dog that lives in the city will live approximately three years longer than a country dog.
  • Dogs can survive on a vegetarian diet.
  • Dogs are considered color blind.
  • When a dog licks you, he’s saying “I Love You” (duh- or I just ate yummy food) 

My theory is that kitties are smart and pretend they don’t understand what we are saying. And does whatever they want to do because in their mind we are their pets.


  • Cats cannot see directly under its nose.
  • A cat cannot move its jaws sideways.
  • Cats successfully navigate through mazes in complete darkness. They lose this ability if their whiskers are cut off.
  • Cats can hear ultrasound.
  • Cats spend 30% of their time grooming themselves.
  • Cats can have freckles.
  • Cats purr at about the same frequency as an idling diesel engine.
  • The cat’s brain needs so much energy to function that over twenty percent of blood that the heart pumps goes immediately to it.
  • Cats cannot survive on a vegetarian diet.
  • Cat’s urine glows under a black light.
  • Cats respond most readily to names that end in an “ee” sound. (Susan, Miami) (No wonder my kitty doesn’t respond to her name… Except when I call her “Ion” – this happened when I was trying to rename her and was calling her by every thing I saw in the room)
  • A cat’s brain is more similar to a human’s brain than to the dog’s.
  • The slightest touch on a cat’s whiskers will make its eyes blink.
Guinea Pigs
I never had them, except at school as a classroom pet. Guinea pigs or hamsters… They always seemed to run away and find a way into the bathroom… Made me very sad.
  • Guinea pig can not judge height easy. Never leave him on a chair or somewhere similar. (Oh…)
  • If you drop guinea pig from a low height it will probably break its spine. (NOOOOOO)
  • Guinea pigs are food in some countries. (:-\)
  • Guinea pigs are born with fur and open eyes. (Most likely because they are a prey)
  • A male guinea pig is known as a boar and the female guinea pig is known as a sow. A baby guinea pig is often called pup or piglet.
  • Guinea pigs are not pigs and they are not related to pigs at all. (I figured as much)
  • Guinea pigs are not from Guinea. (Who named Guinea pigs then, for what reason….)
Other random facts
Because you can never get enough facts in one post …

  • Ferret was domesticated before a cat.
  • Ancient Chinese royalty carried Pekingese dogs in the sleeves of their royal robes.
  • The penalty for killing a cat 4,000 years ago in Egypt was death. (Good, you shouldn’t kill pets anyways)
  • Felix the Cat is the first cartoon character to ever have been made into a balloon for a parade.
  • Dogs are mentioned 14 times in Bible.
  • Brutus is a dog that holds the record for the highest skydive by a dog at 4,572 feet. (My dog (if I ever own one) will not be able to do that because his owner is dead afraid of heights)
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Happy Happy Shark Week!

In honor of the Shark week (and to start posting again)…

Random facts about Sharks!!

Now all sharks repeat after me… “I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food. “

1) Experts believe that the whale shark may be capable of living up to 150 years, making it one of the longest-living creatures on Earth.  – Yeah Turtles, you aren’t the only one. WHAT NOW????
2) Baby sharks are born with sharp teeth and the ability hunt right from the start… – That is definitely not cute. Babies should be cute and cuddly.
Like this…
Or like this…
Or like this…


Or like this

Sharks are cool, I admit, but if they looked more adorable I would like them more. All babies should be cute…. Sharks, work on it a hint more.

3) Pigs kill more people every year than sharks do.
How can
kill more people than…

I don’t get it.. If anyone can explain this to me, let me know..

4)  Two-thirds of the brain of a shark is dedicated to its sense of smell.
I know people like that too…They are the people who arrive just as you finish cooking dinner, so they can eat your yummy food and not having to have to help.

5) The Swell Shark, found in New Zealand, barks like a dog…


For now, this is it, but I hope you enjoy the rest of the Shark Week. WILL UPDATE MORE FREQUENTLY FROM NOW ON, I PROMISE

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Lazy Sunday

Happy Almost Marathon day!
I’m feeling lazy… There are so many things I could be doing to be productive, but I don’t feel like doing it by any means what-so-ever.

“5 more minutes… 5 more minutes..”


Yup.. Words cannot describe how lazy I am feeling today.

Therefore, in honor of Lazy Sunday….
Here are the pictures of animals that will melt your heart, and my commentary.

“Mom we are tangled…”

“Psst.. I’m the best Goalie ever. Barcelona, do you want me now?”

Kitten taxi:The fare is a cup of warm milk every 1/4th a mile

At least he looks like he got a driver’s license. I should work on that..

“But mom I’m le tired”…

The black one + the white one = the one in the back?!?!

Ok, this is how I fall asleep a lot of times.. Except on my bed. 

And on that note…. I’m going back to taking a nap. Stay tuned for the myth buster vol. 2!

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Animal Myth Busters (Part 1)!!!

I haven’t gotten the chance to update recently apologies. But this one will be a TWO parter so hung on tight everyone!

I LOVE random facts. I love knowing new and interesting things, everyday, and therefore I am addicted to an  iPhone App called “CoolFacts”. Other than that, I love TV shows like… (don’t judge me) The First 48, Any CSI series, Criminal Mind, Cake Boss, Cupcake War, Man v Food, and of course Meerkat Manor 🙂

One of my favorite TV show is the Myth Busters on Discovery… And today I want to bust some myths about animals… So here we go!

Myth or fact #1: Can hippos outran humans???
No way on Earth a HIPPO that weights  up to 3 tons (the third largest mammal!) can out ran me (pretty small mammal…I like to think) … No? I’m quicker and have shoes!

IT IS NOT A MYTH…I REPEAT: NOT A MYTH! Hippos can run within the range of 18mph -25mph…. However, they can only maintain the speed for a short distance. Additionally, hippos are very aggressive animals. So, if I were you, I would not challenge them to a sprint contest.

Myth or Fact #2 : Do Possums hang with their tails???
Beginning of this year I made a possum friend as it came to my window. I named him Peter, fed him my carrots and cereal (I threw it out of my window) while I sat on my bed and fed myself carrots and (sometimes) cereal. The movie “Ice Age” taught me that possums hang on trees with their tails. But Peter was… big. I was curious how he hang from trees… So, is this myth or fact?
Baby possums could hang with their tails from trees for a short period of time, but adult possums are simply too big. So, I guess I have to say it is a MYTH because when they grow up they can’t really do it. Plus… what do they gain from hanging from a tree?? You lied to me, Ice Age.   😦

Myth or Fact #3: Piranhas can kill humans???
There was a movie about that recently… I did NOT like it (not that I have watched it) because now I have to worry about being dragged into the water by a fish while I’m out and about in the ocean. Other than that I worry about killer creeping from behind while I wash my face, killer standing in my room in the middle of the night, being abducted  by aliens at night and have no memory of it, and monsters living under my bed. UGH. I thought Jaws was enough.
Anyhow,  I always thought piranhas are cool. I wished I could train them so if someone I don’t like comes into my house or I am under an attack they would hop out of the tank and nibble on that person.
But can a piranha, a 6-8in fish, kill me??? They look cute…. kind of.
Piranhas usually feed off fishes and insects that are smaller than them. They hunt in schools- but recent research also found that piranhas are actually very afraid and therefore make a school in order to protect themselves from their predators.
Back to the point: A really hungry Piranha will bite  anything, even his own mom (I can relate to piranha about being really REALLY hungry and feeling like I can consume something that is more than my own weight, but I don’t think I would go far to eat my mom. No, piranha, I don’t agree with you there). But most of the time all they want to eat other smaller fish or a maybe a small wounded animal, but  NOT people. In fact more piranha are eaten by people then people are eaten by piranhas. Piranhas are commonly consumed in South America, and are sold in markets  So I would say it could be BOTH knowing they do have injured people with their sharp teeth, but it is very, very unlikely.

I hope this was entertaining to you all… and watch out for the part 2!

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Yes I do have a pet… Jaguar

I usually don’t like cats. I am more of a dog person, if anything, then a cat person. I think dogs are more fun. But if I could have ANY animal as a pet, I want anteater.

But that is to be discussed in another post.

This article talks about an Organization which is trying to save over populated Jaguars that zoos cannot control
Here is the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/03/world/americas/03bolivia.html?ref=cats

I can deal with this…

but only if it is about that size and will not nibble me into pieces when I am sleeping…

I love jaguars, don’t get me wrong- I love the animal as much as I love the car company. But to me, it does not sound much safe when I have to walk a grown jaguar on a leash around in a forest. OR have ramen and ketchup for breakfast, and pay for it. I should at least get a nice cozy room with bubbles.

Animals don’t lose their natural habits. Even if an animal grew up among people their instincts will not change. I personally think people are putting themselves at high risk. Thought it is an interesting article regardless!

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Are Dolphins Smarter than Senior in College (me)??

May be the truth…
For all those who know me, a year ago I went through a time warp and went from having a flip phone to an iPhone. (FYI my flip phone did not have camera, and would turn itself off automatically, and when I decide to text someone it would send it to my whole contacts… Embarrassing moments here and there).  I love my phone- I can’t live without it. I have everything on there; from emails, games, to radios, every day life needs are on my little awesome smart phone.
However, it took me probably 2 months to figure out how my phone works… and still learning. To be honest, it may be the age, actually, since my younger sister and little cousins can figure out my phone within minutes they start playing no problem.

Anyhow, love for apple products are spreading, even to the animal world! Here is the article: http://articles.cnn.com/2010-06-02/tech/dolphins.love.ipad.mashable_1_ipad-humans-and-dolphins-bottlenose?_s=PM:TECH

I found it amusing that there is a research institute called “SpeakDolphin”. I would very much like to speak Dolphin too. But, my question is, are they actually “loving the device” or curious. Babies (or toddlers) could touch the iPad too when they are taught, and may be curious about it, but not necessary “love it”. And dolphins are in general very curious animals. In addition, even if one dolphin likes the iPad, it doesn’t mean it is the case for other individual dolphins, or species of dolphins. What is the definition of “love” anyways?

I didn’t like the generalization in this article, although I thought it was funny.

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Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

Not much of an article at all, but, I wanted to put the word out there.
I am Japanese, and my family lives in Tokyo. Thank God they are alright, but there are many who lost their home, loved ones, and everything else. This earthquake did not only impact Japan, but also other nations, including United States. Natural disasters like this very much impact animals habitats too, so in a way, it is very much related to Animal Behavior.

If you want to help out, please make a donation at http://american.redcross.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ntld_main&s_src=RSG00100E013&s_subsrc=ONR_MainDonateButton by clicking to donate to “Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami”.

My heart and prayer goes out to those who are suffering. I hope things get better soon, and help will start flowing.

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