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Yes I do have a pet… Jaguar

Prr…?? I usually don’t like cats. I am more of a dog person, if anything, then a cat person. I think dogs are more fun. But if I could have ANY animal as a pet, I want anteater. But that … Continue reading

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Are Dolphins Smarter than Senior in College (me)??

May be the truth… For all those who know me, a year ago I went through a time warp and went from having a flip phone to an iPhone. (FYI my flip phone did not have camera, and would turn … Continue reading

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Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

Not much of an article at all, but, I wanted to put the word out there. I am Japanese, and my family lives in Tokyo. Thank God they are alright, but there are many who lost their home, loved ones, … Continue reading

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Sir! The Earth is being invaded by Alie… I meant Amphibians

I have a strong hate towards amphibians, especially frogs. I don’t like their big, popping out eyes, I don’t like that I cannot predict their movement, and most of all, I don’t like their skin texture. My sister, on the … Continue reading

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Girls’ “poof” = Sexual appeal or Intimidation

I barely watch TV. That being said, that doesn’t mean I don’t know what goes on the TV world. Several of my friends are into the MTV show “Jersey Shore”, and they have been telling me all about it. I … Continue reading

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