Girls’ “poof” = Sexual appeal or Intimidation

I barely watch TV. That being said, that doesn’t mean I don’t know what goes on the TV world. Several of my friends are into the MTV show “Jersey Shore”, and they have been telling me all about it. I gave the show a chance, because I would like to be open to new ideas, even if it meant spent 45 minutes of my night watching trashy TV (and potentially killing my brain cells). As I watched the show, one of the character, Snooki got me thinking… (Surprise!) Well, not herself, actually (although her behaviors and language is interesting)… her hair “poof”. She is, in a way, trying to make herself bigger by expanding her parts of the body.
In the nature, we see similar characteristic, but in two different occasions; trying to appeal to a potential mating partner, and intimidating a potential threat.

A great example of animal that expands its body size to appeal to increase their chance of leaving an offspring is peacock.

Male peacocks feather, although beautiful, does not increase their likelihood of surviving – rather, because of their feather, they are hunted, both by human and other predators. So why do they have them? To show off to the female peacock, and to potentially increase their likelihood of having offspring… That’s it. Is it worth risking your life? (Kind of different question from the post).  Bigger and prettier the feathers are, more likely that females are attracted to the males.
So, Snooki may be making her poof bigger to appeal to males… Perhaps bigger the poof, more males would be attracted to her (in her theory, I am assuming).

Another possibility for making their body bigger is to scare predators away. An example of that would be Frilled Neck Lizard in Australia

By making themselves look bigger, Frilled Lizards are trying to survive (by not getting eaten by their predators). Bigger frill a lizard have, bigger they can appear when frill is expanded, and more chance of scaring a predator away.
If this is Snooki’s (and others who does the poof) theory, then by making her poof bigger, she is trying to scare predators away. But what would be her predators? Males?

It was very amusing to think about this as I sat there for 45 minutes of the show and concluded that Jersey Shore wasn’t exactly for my taste.

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4 Responses to Girls’ “poof” = Sexual appeal or Intimidation

  1. haha this is HILARIOUS!!!!

  2. This is too funny! I don’t think I would have ever made this connection. clever!

    • maymay1212 says:

      Thanks! I’m trying my best to keep the blog as funny/entertaining as possible while being semi-educational. Glad you liked it!

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