Sir! The Earth is being invaded by Alie… I meant Amphibians

I have a strong hate towards amphibians, especially frogs. I don’t like their big, popping out eyes, I don’t like that I cannot predict their movement, and most of all, I don’t like their skin texture. My sister, on the other hand, have an affection for frogs and reptiles and once had a pet named, of course, “Froggy”. Yet she is scared of bugs (by bugs I mean ladybugs, beetles, and dragonflies).
Anyhow, if I can see anything other than aliens come and invade the Earth, I can see amphibians and reptiles teaming up and doing so.

They look evil after all… And look what I found:

The NY Times article talks about species of Invasive (ah, I was right) frogs are proving Darwinian scientists’ theory wrong.  Darwin thought that if an invasive species entered a region where there already is a species that is closely related, the invasive species would not do very well in competition for resources.

However, for amphibians it’s a different story – they actually do better! The researchers said the one possible reason for this is because the environment that alien amphibians are introduced are naturally suited for them. And this study will allow the scientists to understand the risk level of introducing an alien species to an environment.

Why do only amphibians can survive better, and not plants or other animals? Especially with animals, if one species that is very closely related to the alien species already lives there, that should mean that the environment should be some what suited for the alien species as well, correct? Still, since they will be competing for similar resource, resource should be little scare, and therefore it should be hard for an alien species to survive in the new environment… This does not make sense to me… Does it to you?

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