Are Dolphins Smarter than Senior in College (me)??

May be the truth…
For all those who know me, a year ago I went through a time warp and went from having a flip phone to an iPhone. (FYI my flip phone did not have camera, and would turn itself off automatically, and when I decide to text someone it would send it to my whole contacts… Embarrassing moments here and there).  I love my phone- I can’t live without it. I have everything on there; from emails, games, to radios, every day life needs are on my little awesome smart phone.
However, it took me probably 2 months to figure out how my phone works… and still learning. To be honest, it may be the age, actually, since my younger sister and little cousins can figure out my phone within minutes they start playing no problem.

Anyhow, love for apple products are spreading, even to the animal world! Here is the article:

I found it amusing that there is a research institute called “SpeakDolphin”. I would very much like to speak Dolphin too. But, my question is, are they actually “loving the device” or curious. Babies (or toddlers) could touch the iPad too when they are taught, and may be curious about it, but not necessary “love it”. And dolphins are in general very curious animals. In addition, even if one dolphin likes the iPad, it doesn’t mean it is the case for other individual dolphins, or species of dolphins. What is the definition of “love” anyways?

I didn’t like the generalization in this article, although I thought it was funny.

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2 Responses to Are Dolphins Smarter than Senior in College (me)??

  1. rammed earth says:

    I never knew that the’re research institute called SpeakDolphin, i’m interested on new things that’s why i want to learn how to speak to Dolphins.

    • maymay1212 says:

      I totally agree! I didn’t know there is a Research Institute called SpeakDolphin. I wonder what they do at work. Thank you for reading my blog!

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