Yes I do have a pet… Jaguar

I usually don’t like cats. I am more of a dog person, if anything, then a cat person. I think dogs are more fun. But if I could have ANY animal as a pet, I want anteater.

But that is to be discussed in another post.

This article talks about an Organization which is trying to save over populated Jaguars that zoos cannot control
Here is the link:

I can deal with this…

but only if it is about that size and will not nibble me into pieces when I am sleeping…

I love jaguars, don’t get me wrong- I love the animal as much as I love the car company. But to me, it does not sound much safe when I have to walk a grown jaguar on a leash around in a forest. OR have ramen and ketchup for breakfast, and pay for it. I should at least get a nice cozy room with bubbles.

Animals don’t lose their natural habits. Even if an animal grew up among people their instincts will not change. I personally think people are putting themselves at high risk. Thought it is an interesting article regardless!

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One Response to Yes I do have a pet… Jaguar

  1. Aki@aquarium says:

    Great image and interesting looks. I love taking care of animals as long as it will not hurt you and make you feel at ease. Dogs are really fun to be with. Sometimes you will not feel all alone because they indirectly will comfort you. Fish is also fun to have at least. Aside from getting a good feng shui, it adds beauty to your place.

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