Animal Myth Busters (Part 1)!!!

I haven’t gotten the chance to update recently apologies. But this one will be a TWO parter so hung on tight everyone!

I LOVE random facts. I love knowing new and interesting things, everyday, and therefore I am addicted to an  iPhone App called “CoolFacts”. Other than that, I love TV shows like… (don’t judge me) The First 48, Any CSI series, Criminal Mind, Cake Boss, Cupcake War, Man v Food, and of course Meerkat Manor 🙂

One of my favorite TV show is the Myth Busters on Discovery… And today I want to bust some myths about animals… So here we go!

Myth or fact #1: Can hippos outran humans???
No way on Earth a HIPPO that weights  up to 3 tons (the third largest mammal!) can out ran me (pretty small mammal…I like to think) … No? I’m quicker and have shoes!

IT IS NOT A MYTH…I REPEAT: NOT A MYTH! Hippos can run within the range of 18mph -25mph…. However, they can only maintain the speed for a short distance. Additionally, hippos are very aggressive animals. So, if I were you, I would not challenge them to a sprint contest.

Myth or Fact #2 : Do Possums hang with their tails???
Beginning of this year I made a possum friend as it came to my window. I named him Peter, fed him my carrots and cereal (I threw it out of my window) while I sat on my bed and fed myself carrots and (sometimes) cereal. The movie “Ice Age” taught me that possums hang on trees with their tails. But Peter was… big. I was curious how he hang from trees… So, is this myth or fact?
Baby possums could hang with their tails from trees for a short period of time, but adult possums are simply too big. So, I guess I have to say it is a MYTH because when they grow up they can’t really do it. Plus… what do they gain from hanging from a tree?? You lied to me, Ice Age.   😦

Myth or Fact #3: Piranhas can kill humans???
There was a movie about that recently… I did NOT like it (not that I have watched it) because now I have to worry about being dragged into the water by a fish while I’m out and about in the ocean. Other than that I worry about killer creeping from behind while I wash my face, killer standing in my room in the middle of the night, being abducted  by aliens at night and have no memory of it, and monsters living under my bed. UGH. I thought Jaws was enough.
Anyhow,  I always thought piranhas are cool. I wished I could train them so if someone I don’t like comes into my house or I am under an attack they would hop out of the tank and nibble on that person.
But can a piranha, a 6-8in fish, kill me??? They look cute…. kind of.
Piranhas usually feed off fishes and insects that are smaller than them. They hunt in schools- but recent research also found that piranhas are actually very afraid and therefore make a school in order to protect themselves from their predators.
Back to the point: A really hungry Piranha will bite  anything, even his own mom (I can relate to piranha about being really REALLY hungry and feeling like I can consume something that is more than my own weight, but I don’t think I would go far to eat my mom. No, piranha, I don’t agree with you there). But most of the time all they want to eat other smaller fish or a maybe a small wounded animal, but  NOT people. In fact more piranha are eaten by people then people are eaten by piranhas. Piranhas are commonly consumed in South America, and are sold in markets  So I would say it could be BOTH knowing they do have injured people with their sharp teeth, but it is very, very unlikely.

I hope this was entertaining to you all… and watch out for the part 2!

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