Lazy Sunday

Happy Almost Marathon day!
I’m feeling lazy… There are so many things I could be doing to be productive, but I don’t feel like doing it by any means what-so-ever.

“5 more minutes… 5 more minutes..”


Yup.. Words cannot describe how lazy I am feeling today.

Therefore, in honor of Lazy Sunday….
Here are the pictures of animals that will melt your heart, and my commentary.

“Mom we are tangled…”

“Psst.. I’m the best Goalie ever. Barcelona, do you want me now?”

Kitten taxi:The fare is a cup of warm milk every 1/4th a mile

At least he looks like he got a driver’s license. I should work on that..

“But mom I’m le tired”…

The black one + the white one = the one in the back?!?!

Ok, this is how I fall asleep a lot of times.. Except on my bed. 

And on that note…. I’m going back to taking a nap. Stay tuned for the myth buster vol. 2!

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